Every age group has its individual set of problems. The problems of the teenagers differ from that of the senior citizens. Hence, you find Landmark Forum having separate programs for all ages.


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    Landmark Forum teaches you to be responsible

    When you attend the Landmark Forum, you will learn to become more responsible than ever. This is because the forum leader encourages you to confess to your mistakes in a public forum, call up people whom you had hurt in the past and apologise to them.

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    The Landmark Forum explains the futility of having preconceived notions

    It is very natural for people to develop preconceived notions about others. Invariably, they are wrong. It can do more harm to the psyche of the person than good. Hence, the Landmark Forum advises you not have any preconceived notions about anybody.

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    Effective communication is important says Landmark Forum

    It is extremely important to put your point across in the most effective manner. You may have to say an unpleasant thing, but the usage of words is very important. This is the essence of Landmark Forum.

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