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I will introduce you to several other mascara for eyelashes I have used it: 1. LOREAL: Lash Architect Function: Is waterproof, the distribution of the head can also be painted when the Fake Eyelahes is not very long, but very Alice. What kind of folder you use Fake Eyelahes clip, painted finish mascara is like, the shape does not change. Makeup is very hard to fall off, it is very hard, sometimes dry quickly, will be caked! Loreal: Longitude Function: not waterproof, with the effect of growth, Fake Eyelahes twice as long as usual. But even if you use the Fake Eyelahes curler clip is very Alice, Fake Eyelahes will run out immediately after the Fake Eyelahes will collapse. But really longer Fake Eyelahes! Also, I use Nivea eye lotion, not too expensive! I hope my advice can really help you. . . Because I personally also like to have long Fake Eyelahes! ! ! really beautiful! Recently found a way to make Fake Eyelahes longer, to move up and share with you. If you feel your Fake Eyelahes enough long enough beautiful, then ignore the pull. Material: VE and olive oil First go buy a box of VE, exactly: Vitamin E capsules. The size of the capsule and the head so big, hee hee. VE capsules are similar in composition, but must go to the pharmacy to buy Oh! Estimated parity pharmacy 2 yuan to buy it. Olive oil: Do not eat the kind of oh. Tool Well, a little Fake Eyelahes comb, or lip brush, or eye shadow pen can be. Fake Eyelahes brush, in fact, not very good because it is not good to take VE, Lip brush best not to use that kind of retractable, too soft will be stamped into the eyes! I use the eye shadow pen for a while, brushing the VE down with a toothpick Must use a brush, otherwise it will be full of hand oil, scary people! Brush must be careful when the corner of the Fake Eyelahes sparse place not to be missed, the last part in the draw eyeliner, which is painted Fake Eyelahes roots, then the liquid left in the plastic capsule more than half, it is used to apply lip ah, nails Ah, hands. Then apply the olive oil in the same way over the Fake Eyelahes. Oh sooner or later. Without olive oil, VE alone is ok. I started not to believe, try to try a few times to try to brush, but, but there are real miracles, the lower Fake Eyelahes significantly longer, the upper Fake Eyelahes began to become as long as the corner before and after, Oh If you think your Fake Eyelahes long enough to try! Eye is the window of the soul, a pair of bright eyes also need long curly Fake Eyelahes to go back and forth, today, to teach you some careful. Naturally growing eyelashes do not have the feeling of three-dimensional, if you want to make your eyelashes more three-dimensional, we recommend that you buy here #########, eyelashes here is the best quality, after wearing you back to the more beautiful